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Amy and Lauren

we're girlfriends<3

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daisyPath Anniversary

daisyPath Anniversary
airplanes, amy, amyness, areoplanes, automobiles, beaches, beautiful, beauty, being a couple, being in love, boardshops, bonding, boobs, books, brilliance, candles, caring, cars, cherries, chinese food, chocolate syrup, coffee shops, conversation, cuddles, cuddling, dancing, dong a kitty, eclectic, emotions, enjoying, exercise, exploring the senses, express, fabulous, falling for eachother, falling for her, falling in love, fashionable, fashionistas, feeling, feelings, feminina, flamboyance, fluid bonded, fluid exchange, flying, friends, friendship, frolicking, frottage, fun, fun times, girlfriends, giving, going out, good times, grinding, growing, guess, hand holding, hanging out, happiness, helping, hollywood, hopping, horizons, hugging, hugs, in love, independent films, innocense, intelligence, it, jokes, jumping, karate, kindness, kisses, kissing, lap dances, lauren, laureness, like, liking, lip locking, lips, los angeles, love, lovers, loving, loving her, making fun, making it, making love, malls, memorabillia, metal, mexican food, mountains, music, nightlife, nostalgia, old hollywood, pacsun, pda, planes, politeness, posing, promenades, public displays of affection, rap singers, restuarants, rock, romance, romantic, round table, running, sex, sexercise, sharing, shopping, shyness, sight, skipping, sleeping together, sound, speakers, strawberries, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, taking pictures, talking, taste, the thing, things, thongs, tits, touch, touching, tounge kisses, tounging, trains, vehicles, victoria secret, walking, ways, whipped cream, yay, yummy