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The June incidents:

June 26th 2004:
My ex bf took me to the airport to meet Amy for the first time.My asshole ex bf was making me nervous and I was freaking out. It was the first time Amy and I actually met.When I saw her for the first time I was so shy!She was extremely hot in person, tall sexy and her eyes where absolutely beautiful. She was well dressed...we both had on white tops depicting stars very cute ^_^!That wasnt planned.While we sat in the car she complemented me on my legs how they where long and shaped nicely. I was surprised I think theyre like whatever maybe my worst feature. She explained that she had burned her hand and so I caressed her hand a bit which was not only to console her but an excuse to touch her :P!We went to the grocery store where she picked up some special foods that we didnt have at my house that she enjoyed. We then went to my place where we all had dinner. I asked my mom to make us something nice for a good first impression,so she made fettucini alfredo and a choc.cake. My ex bf left after dinner to go to some party I gave him money to go it was a 3 dollar kegger.When he left Amy and I just chilled I played some pretty hardcore music but she wanted something more mellow so that we could actually talk and chill out. So she played some nirvana and radiohead. A couple of hours later I gave her a back rub because I figured being on a plane for that long would cause anyone to have some discomfort ;). We watched some music vids and went to sleep soon after.

Sunday June 27th 2004:
We went to my friend Johns work and he hooked us up with some free food. Then we saw dodge ball which she suggested. It was one of the worst movies Ive ever seen. We went home ate some food and I asked her for a goodnight peck she became really shy and declined. It was understandable. She wanted to go to sleep but I couldnt.I was restless.So I went into the living room so that I wouldnt disturb her and I watched some old kablaam rerun. She thought that I was upset because she didnt kiss me and I told her that I wasnt.

Monday June 28th 2004:
We basically chilled in my room. She made up this really hilarious story about a fat woman. HAH. We where watching a jay z video and she requested that i give her another massage because Im so talented with them. So I did. My head started to hurt so I rested on her shoulder for a bit. Then I started caressing her stomache and ahem...Then she lied down and I started to kiss her neck and her cheeks then finally her lips and we made out and some ridiculous MTV show came on called "YOUR FACE OR MINE?" LOL. That night we made love.

Tuesday June 29th 2004:
We made love all day. I asked her where she stood in the relationship and if this was all it was going to be or if there was more to it.Then I asked her to be my gf and she said yes! Then we went to my favorite chinese food restuaraunt. We went to star bucks...took a cab back home and yeahed....and fell asleep

Wednesday June 30th 2004:
We went to Pasadena with my asshole ex bf and his friends or shall I say GANG! they didnt allow us to have much fun at all. Although Amy and I DITCHED THEM and we did parade for a bit. Now our definition of parading is public displays of affection. So if you hear me say that again thats what I mean by parading.I ended up having to feed Ians gang and paying for gas...ASSHOLE one of his friends stole 20 bucks from me hah nice! Thanks to my moron parents making me go to the store which caused them to see how much fucking money i had in my wallet grrrreat! Oh well we came home and made love hah!

Thursday June 31st 2004
My ex bf lied and said that his gang friends would not be present when we hung out. and wow they where right there with us. One of his friends was ok i guess he knew a lot of ppl from my neighborhood that I knew so that was kinda neat. Anyway we went to santa monica but didnt have time to see the pier due to some annoying people named IAN MYASSHOLE EX! hah
anyway we did go to sunset blvd which was freaking awesome. Soon after we went to the beach where we would be spending the night. Someone didnt prepare in getting a tent or sleeping bags or making a fire we all got really drunk. Well amy didnt she was slightly sober but I WAS FUCKED UP. That night I attempted suicide twice and each time Amy saved me. I made her cry which was something I told her I would never do. I was so fucked up I was sure she was going to dump me. But she didnt she stood by me....

Friday July 1
I recovered from my booze infested state. I kissed her that morning and apologized for everything I didnt even care that we where kissing in my neighborhood!We went to a mall. My asshole idiot ex was soo pissed to see us kiss!hahah good fuck that motherfucker backstabbing cunt! Then when we came home we made love all night. Imagine:strawberries,chocolate,whipped cream oil and a failed attempt at lighting a candle :P

Amy had to leave me we made out in the airport until it was time for her to leave me. She cried...so did I...then when I came home I was kicked out of my house for no reason and HAD to move in with that asshole ex IAN.
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